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Introduction: Seize the Vuja dé

Chapter 1: Scenario Planning: The Power of What if? Thinking

Chapter 2: Creativity: Bearing Fruit on the Idea Farm

Chapter 3: Hubris vs Humility: Why Executive Incompetence is Not our Biggest Problem

Chapter 4: Excellence Fatigue and the Normalization of Defects

Chapter 5: The Problem with “Better”: How Overvaluation Stifles Innovation

Chapter 6: Seven Ways to Combat Overvaluation and Insular Elitism

Chapter 7: Becoming a Talent Rich Organization: Why Development Trumps Training

Chapter 8: Borrowing from Business: Why Business Thinking is Not the Answer

Chapter 9: The Downside of Organizational Maturity

Chapter 10: Why Benchmarking Doesn’t Result in Breakthrough Innovation

Chapter 11: Deep Change: 3 Drivers, 2 Amplifiers, 1 Game-Changer

Chapter 12: Redeeming the “F” Word: Why Failure is Not a Dirty Word

Chapter 13: Toward a New Strategic Narrative for North American Missions

Chapter 14: Problem Solving Through Crowdsourcing

Chapter 15: Closing the Feedback Loop

Chapter 16: Complicated vs Complex: What’s the Difference and Why Does it Matter?

Chapter 17: Full Circle Innovation

Chapter 18: Why Traditional Brainstorming Rarely Produces Breakthroughs

Chapter 19: Leveraging Habits for Personal and Organizational Effectiveness

Chapter 20: So You Want to be an Innovator?

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